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Heritage Woodlot Raised Pork

We raise all natural, hormone free, Tamworth/ Old Glouceshire Spot Cross pigs....in our woods. They are provided with unlimited fresh air, ample room to run around and root, loads of vegetable scraps from our market gardens, hay from our fields, and only the best quality, locally milled feed....plus lots and lots of belly scratches. These select Heritage breeds are each special in their own way and chosen for their natural foraging abilities. Tamworth, otherwise known as the "Bacon Breed", are active- and excellent foragers. They produce lean, tender pork with excellent texture. The Old Spot, also excellent grazers, tend to produce superior quality lard- and a lot of it. Their meat is known for its beautiful marbling, and succulent texture. The combination of the two breeds gives the best of both worlds, producing a superior quality meat in both taste and texture. We process all of our hogs at Kelley meats in Taberg N.Y., a USDA certified facility with impeccable standards of humane butchering.

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